The Sweet fragrance gift box set seeks to appeal to your inner fun and playful side, whilst also banking on a sense of maturity where neccessary


You live for sweet fragrances. You love the idea of smelling like a candy store and making others feel the same. Playful scents that keep people guessing and, at the same time, happy to be around you.


Each generous 5ml bottle aims to provide you with an alternative way to capitvate both yourself and other around you as you walk around with your head held high in the process


Bundle A - Incognito - Sensual Man - Millionaire - Pure Suave


Bundle B - Sensually Orchid - Eye Candy - Patchouli Rose - Sensual Woman


Bundle C - Sensual Woman - Sensual Man - Incognito - Velma Rose


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Sweet Fragrance Bundle Gift Set


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