The Fruity Gift Box set provides a burst of an exciting tropial atmosphere to send you on a journeywithout having to board a plane!


The thought of staying in the cold for more than a week frightens you! You wear scents which provide you with memories of the hundreds of beaches you have enjoyed over the years. Each sniff takes you back to the exotic fruits, the cultural music, blazing sun and every other excuse you could give to get a Tan!


Each generous 5ml bottle aims to provide you with an alternative way to capitvate both yourself and other around you as you walk around with your head held high in the process


Bundle A - Multi-Millionaire - Lannister - Caesar - Zeus Passion


Bundle B - Orange is the New Black (OITNB) - Malibu - Lagertha - Caesar


Bundle C - Malibu - Lannister - Portebello - Lagertha


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Fruity Fragrance Bundle Gift Set


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