They say life is a mystery, and here at Mood Seasons we turned life's mystery into something you can wear! We spared no expense in really turning this unique scent into one which brings out the unspoken qualities of a man. The Bergamot top note is sandwiched between Apple and Ginger to leave you speechless upon first smell. You will still be lost for words as the opening scent converts into an even more mystified sage, juniper and Geranium combination, which really aims to speak out the unspoken! A more familiar base Tonka bean and cedar wood notes try to land you in familiar territory only to turn things on its head again, curtesy of an unusual Vetiver and Olibanum partnership. Its more than likely the only words you will hear will be "HMMMM you smell nice today"....Just nod your head and go about your business if you don?t want any trouble!

Mystery Man


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